Amazing Success Stories

Apple Feature

We know what Apple wants to see in their featured apps and helped “Are you in over your head” craft the right cold email and pitch the right person at Apple to get it featured in the App Store. [July 2015]

#2 Paid App Overall

In collaboration with Kevin Curry (Fit Men Cook) and Andreas Kambanis (Nibble Apps), we helped launch the Fit Men Cook and got it to #2 Paid App Overall. [May 2015]

100,000 Downloads in 3 Days

Getting Loose Leaf covered by BGR and then AppAdvice the very next day, led to the app getting over 96,000 downloads in a span of 3 days. [March 2015]

#1 Rank for Highly Targeted Keyword

Using App Store Optimization (ASO), we help KPI Alerts rank #1 for their most relevant and highly targeted keyword. [January 2015]

#1 Trending Keyword

Using the paid to free campaign and getting coverage on, we helped Sortly become the #1 trending keyword in the App Store. [December 2014]