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August 25th, 2016





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With over 10M downloads and multiple Apple and Google Play features, Mondly version 5 includes the first voice Chatbot for learning languages understanding voice input and replying with a human voice.

The first test with 50,000 people showed that 80% of users successfully completed a conversation with the Chatbot.

Learn a new language with fun bite-size lessons that improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in 33 languages. In minutes you’ll start memorizing core words, forming sentences, speaking phrases and taking part in conversations - building your confidence with fun activities that help you speak and write like a natural.

From “Hello” to “Ordering in a restaurant,” you’ll become fluent in practical topics with the help of beautiful visuals, clear voices from native speakers, and a handy contextual dictionary with a verb conjugator. It’s like having your own personal language tutor in your pocket!


The Spark
The success of Mondly makes me feel incredibly proud. While the growth of the app has been over a short period of time, looking back I can see all the steps that lead us here. As a kid I was a good student, but like so many, I always struggled to pick up new languages.

One day I discovered that recording my voice and listening back made a profound difference when memorizing a foreign language. In short order I was transformed into an A student and learning languages actually became enjoyable. The flame was lit. Years later it was my newfound love of languages that encouraged me to travel, work, and live in many different countries. During this time I learned conversational Czech, French, Italian, German and Dutch. I was helped by audio CDs from a famous linguist called Dr. Pimsleur, whose methods were similar to what I had discovered with my recorder as a kid. When I eventually read his book the dots finally connected. This is what I wanted to do with my life and together with my brother who graduated Computer Science and Management we started working on this dream.

The Beginning
Mondly was developed with a clear and focused goal, to take Dr. Pimsleur’s effective but outdated methods and update it for a modern audience. We want to learn in a way that is practical and applies to our lives. We want to learn while having fun, connecting and sharing with others as we progress. We want to use every learning tool and method available, bringing them all together in a truly enjoyable and engaging experience. We want efficient language learning that also happens to be as fun as our favorite games.

-Alexandru Iliescu, co-founder at Mondly


  • 33 languages (more than any big competitor)
  • 700+ byte size interactive lessons
  • 17 popular categories
  • State of the art speech recognition
  • Voices recorded by professionals
  • 17 Conversation modules
  • Personal leaderboards, country leaderboards
  • Advanced statistics
  • Adaptive learning
  • 3D Touch & 3D Browsing
  • A unique Chatbot to practice conversations
  • Available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Web

What’s New

New in Mondly v5.0 - Siri for learning new languages:

  • A voice Chatbot for learning languages offering a unique way to practice conversations in an interactive environment.
  • It uses speech recognition from Nuance enhanced with our proprietary object recognition engine to create adaptive visual responses.
  • The Chatbot understands millions of phrases in 26 languages and it improves every day by learning from conversations.
    It makes people smile.

The first test with 50,000 people showed that 80% of users successfully completed a conversation with the Chatbot.


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