Indie Plans are no longer available

We at Runway pride ourselves in offering the best possible app promotion services through our knowledge of the app space. To fully execute on that vision, we are only offering integrated app marketing campaigns that include all the necessary elements of a successful app launch / promotional campaign. We can no longer support a la carte campaigns that the Indie plans provide.

CreditsWhat You GetWhat It Means
2App Store Optimization (one app store)Within 5-7 days of receiving your payment and information about your app, we will optimize your app title and keywords for one of the app stores to help you get higher rankings for organic searches.
2PR (submission to 10 sites with 1 guaranteed review)You write the pitch and provide it to us. We leverage our contacts and send the pitch to 10 sites, with at least one guaranteed review.
1Pitch email creationWe write a PR pitch email (generally shorter than a press release), and you can send it out.
11-hour strategy callWe will spend an hour discussing various press strategies with you to get the most out of your marketing efforts.
2600-800 word article for content marketingOur stellar writing team will craft a 600-800 word article related to your app, which you can then submit to blogs or other sources to generate traffic and credibility for your app.
1Write a press release (no distribution)We will write an excellent press release that you can then submit to news sites and blogs. We do not handle distribution of the press release, just the creation.
1Apple Feature - help with writing the email and who to contact at AppleWith this service, we provide you with contact information at Apple, along with a pitch email to send in your quest for the coveted Featured spot in the App Store.
1Product Hunt submissionWe submit your app to Product Hunt and help promote it.
1Paid to Free campaignWe run a paid-to-free campaign for you, helping secure coverage of the campaign on popular tech blogs.