Our Clients in the Press. Yay!

Here are just a few press clippings that we secured for our clients.

Sachin Dev Duggal, Co-Founder of Shoto, Talks About a Career-Shaping Accomplishment.


Huffington Post

Ramboat got a Fourth of July-themed makeover with two new “patriotic” characters: Uncle Sam and Elvis.



At its simplest, you can use LaunchCode to launch apps and actions directly from the Notification Center.



Even Star Trek has a match-3 puzzle game now. Star Trek is boldly going to a mobile genre that many have gone to before.

Star Trek: Wrath of Gems


Football Endless Runner Touchdown Hero: New Season Rushes Onto iOS

Touchdown Hero: New Season


oSnap for iPhone is looking to simplify something that was already pretty simple, with a gesture-centric app that lets you take a picture by tapping anywhere on the screen.


The Next Web

Runway’s PR support for Views On Top’s launch totally exceeded my expectations. Featured in AppAdvice, TechRadar, TechCo and more, app downloads in the week after launch were one third of total downloads in the year before.

Margaret Scott

Founder, Views on Top

The recipes look amazing, the interface is gorgeous and the concept is superb.

Fit Men Cook


Swipe Dial is handy for those with a large address book and just a few people they dial regularly.

Swipe Dial


Guess the word or phrase; a colorful variation on Hangman emphasizing speed and accuracy.

Word Hack


‘Army Antz’ an Upcoming Real-time Strategy Game, Looks Buggy in a Good Way

Army Antz


Run from a cloud of death and zombies in post apocalyptic ZED


Slide To Play

Army Antz … is still one worth checking out.

Army Antz


Zombie Hunter: Apocalypse is just one of many popular zombie-themed games on the App Store, and it recently got a hefty update.

Zombie Hunter


Declara indexes and analyzes content from anywhere on the Web, allowing users to curate…



Shoto – Pool and Share Photos With Family and Friends


Tech Cocktail

Genera Games hold their meetings on the basketball court, shooting hoops and playing a quick game.

Genera Games

Fast Company

FitMenCook features a relatively small (but growing) category of nutritious meals for a wide variety of nutritional needs (low carb, weight loss, after workout, etc.).

Fit Men Cook


Auctioneer is recommended to help work the analytical side of your brain for short bursts.


Game Mob